Sunday, December 14, 2014

Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories

I've started selling Paparazzi Jewelry! I am super excited about this new adventure and can't wait to offer all the great products to you! My absolute favorite  part about this whole thing is that everything is JUST $5.00. That's right only $5.00 jewelry! Hook me up I'm sold.

Jewelry is fabulous and I love wearing it but once I started having babies I stopped wearing it because they pull on it and have broken to many of my more expensive pieces. So to stop all the sadness about my broken jewelry I just stopped wearing it! Well I've started wearing it again. This jewelry is gorgeous and I am in love with so many of the pieces! If one just happens to break from my kids constantly pulling on it then I don't feel so bad about it breaking. Most of the time I can fix it, if not I go buy another piece I love!

The items that I sell are:

Necklace and earring sets (sold together for only $5.00)
Bracelets ($5.00)
Rings ($5.00, one size fits most with a stretchy back)
Earrings ($5.00)
Hair Clips ($5.00)
Headbands Traditional and wrap arounds ($5.00 each)

I always have inventory on hand, so if you know where I live come on over anytime to look through all my pieces. If not, or your too far away feel free to go check out my website: you can order online straight from there!

I hope you all fall in love with the jewelry that I have.

Feel free to contact me about hosting your own paparazzi jewelry party or joining my team to sell all these wonderful products yourself! Just send me an email with Paparazzi somewhere in the subject line.

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