Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Daddy's Children's Books

So the first stories I have to post about that we love are the ones written and illustrated by Daddy! Of course Bean's favorite book is one written for and about her. She has imaginary friend dragons that are all over our house and follow us where ever we go. Her favorite one is Danny, the big green one who is always with her, Dora the purple dragon is always being mean, whenever Bean gets hurt its always Dora's fault either tripping her or biting her or countless other things she has come up with.  

Bean's Dragons is about Bean and her dragons who always get her into trouble!  

 ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures is a fascinating tale of Professor Vontriponmybottom and the magical Creatures he encounters through the alphabet. A new installment of ABC Adventures will be coming out in spring 2014, ABC Adventures: Cooking with Kids, featuring Daddy's art and my recipes! More on this one to come later!  

 Trouble With Bernie is about an imaginary friend Daddy had when he was a little boy and of course the trouble he got him into. What good are imaginary friends if you can't blame things on them right?


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