Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Countdown

I know this is a last minute post but hopefully you can use some ideas for your own fun!

This year I decided to do a count down calendar for my girls where we will do some sort of Christmas activity everyday rather than getting treats or toys! So here is my idea!
First I did the containers, it took me a while to come up with how I wanted to do them. I finally decided to use Crystal Light containers. We go through a lot of Crystal Light at my house so I started saving the containers. Next I went through all my scrapbook paper for Christmas print and also red and greens. You could also use wrapping paper to cover the containers. I glued the paper down with Mod Podge. Cut out circles with my Cricut and printed the numbers on my computer. I used fancy edge scissors to cut out the number circles. I used mini glue dots to stick them all together and onto the containers.
Next I came up with a list of activities to do. Typed up a list. I printed them on red and green cardstock paper. cut up the strips and put them into the right numbers. Make sure to print a list for yourself so you know what days are what so you can be prepared with the materials you will need. Here is the list that I came up with.

1: Put up window clings (I bought a couple sheets at the dollar store)
2: Write letter to Santa
3: Make snowflake craft(Use coffee filters, fold in a triangle, paint with water colors. Let dry then cut out little designs, unfold and hang up)

4: Make Christmas cards and take them to the post office
5: Make Christmas wreath craft (trace kids hands on green cardstock or construction paper cut out and glue together in a circle. Use finger tips in red paint to make berries. Hang up)

6: Christmas shape Pancake dinner 
7: Christmas tree craft (

8: Read Christmas stories
9: Play Christmas Don’t Eat Pete (Print and Laminate)
Instructions: place a small treat (m&ms, skittles, smarties, cheerios...) on each square. Send someone out of the room and decide who "pete" will be. have them come back into the room, they choose one treat at a time and get to eat it. When they choose the designated "pete" everyone else yells "Don't Eat Pete" that person puts back that treat and their turn is over.

10: Go look at Christmas lights
11. Decorate a gingerbread house
12: Make snowman craft
13: Grow a candy cane (instructions and printables here

14: Color wrapping paper/wrap presents (we bought white wrapping paper to have the girls color on)
15: Color a Christmas picture and hang it up on the wall
(a great website:

16: Decorate Daddy like a tree (Daddy holds his hands out, wrap him up in green crepe paper and tape shapes cut out of paper onto him)
17: Make Christmas ornaments (I bought a kit for foam ornaments)
18: Have a Christmas dance (dress up the girls in their Christmas dresses and let them dance to Christmas music)

19: Make Santa face craft (make a face on a paper plate, glue on cotton balls for his beard)
20: Christmas action card game (original idea came from here but we made our own
 (Print and Laminate)

 21: Tell the Christmas story with nativity set
22: Make cookies
23: Go caroling and deliver goodies to older neighbors
24: Open a present early

Next step is to have the kids open one a day and see what fun lies ahead. I hope you enjoy these ideas and have as much fun with them as we will!

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