Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dress Up Aprons...Part 1

Bean and Buggy LOVE to dress up, I love to encourage their imaginations and play but at the same time putting dress up after dress up on and off drives me crazy! I saw ideas for dress up aprons on pinterest, there are a lot out there! So I do what I do best, show daddy my idea, tell him I want them for the girls, and I put him to work! That's right Daddy does the sewing in this house! I'm all for making blankets and quilts but daddy does everything else! We came up with a list of all the Disney princesses and then added other people the girls know, we came up with 25+ ideas. We are hoping to have them all done for the girls for Christmas.

I thought I would post the first few that we have done so far and will post the others as they get done. Keep in mind these are Daddy's original ideas of what each princess/character's apron should look like. He did use a basic apron pattern for the general shape and size but has created each unique one himself...I know he is talented, much more than me in this aspect, hence he does the sewing projects! Enjoy!
 Snow White
Princess Sofia (Sofia the First)
 Minnie Mouse
 Strawberry Shortcake
 These are the ones we have done so far, stay tuned for more fun dress up aprons to come, some include: Doc McStuffins, Sally (from nightmare before Christmas), Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Jasmin, Ariel... and many more!

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