Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daddy's Girls Reviews: Bedtime for Monsters

We read a lot of books in this family! Every night the girls get to pick out two books each. They have their favorites that get read again and again, and then they had some we didn't get past the first four pages. I noticed my girls had their opinions of what made a good and not so swell book. So I had a crazy thought, "why not start a review blog and share what these two girls think?" So I asked the girls. They were all for it. Why not? This would make sure daddy didn't cop out when it was reading time. (Yes, sometimes when I am tired, reading a picture book is the last on my list, but I do it for my girls.) So we started Daddy's Girls Book Reviews. We plan on making posts that share our reviews and opinions on picture books, chapter books, and lower-level middle-grade books. We not only post our reviews here on the blog, we share our reviews on amazon.com, b&n.com, and goodreads.com. Our hope is to encourage those fantastic authors and illustrator to create more fabulous books for us to read together. 

Bedtime for Monsters
by: Ed Vere
Summary: “In this hilarious bedtime story, a monster is licking his lips . . . maybe he’s thinking about eating a bedtime snack? And what if that snack just happened to be you? Gulp! He’s getting closer and closer . . . and his tummy is rumbling really loudly. But all this monster actually wants is a sloppy monster-sized goodnight kiss!”

Daddy’s Girls Review: This was a book we read again and again! It was engaging and fun. 3-year-old Bean says, “I thought the monster was going to eat me! It turned out he only wanted kisses. I liked the monster, he is cute! The art is fun, especially the ‘pickle thorns’.” We recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun story with a surprise at the end.

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